The Importance of a Cybersecurity Program Built on Strategy

Updated on May 7, 2019

Every other day, we hear disclosures about some new security breach that leads to damaged reputations, executive resignations and plummeting stock values. While It is tempting to become a wee-bit sarcastic and ‘normalize’ this state of affairs, the danger of cyber attacks can’t be understated. The gap between time to exfiltration vs time to quarantine is growing in favor of attackers. Thought leaders and Trillion-Dollar loss projections reinforce that information warfare is a serious threat that’s quickly becoming the #1 danger for businesses, governments and even individual liberties.

What is the Role of Cybersecurity?

Throw in a dizzying array of new technologies and new vendors, and it‘s no wonder cyber security executives, CFOs and CEO’s feel growing levels of pressure.  What we all need at this time is a change in attitude: The role of cyber security is to enable the business to reach its goals, not to be the goal in and of itself. No business exists for the sake of having an unbreachable security program, if such a thing can even be built. On the contrary, a good security program drives and supports the organization to reach its strategic goals.

In this non-stop ‘spy vs. spy’ game between good guys and bad actors, the solution is not to keep adding one shiny tool after another but rather focusing on a well-thought out strategy that includes multiple prongs: (a) Periodic audits, strong fundamentals, clear policies and well-trained team members  (b) adding advanced tools to automate, orchestrate and streamline processes while reducing costs, and (c) including cyber security within the C-level risk management view that balances acceptable exposure levels, qualifies the required investments and takes advantage of available risk transfer options.

What is the role of a trusted Cyber Security Solutions Provider?

Within this quickly changing environment, a trusted partner’s role is to help the clients reduce anxiety, become better risks and increase peace of mind.

A trustworthy partner will sit down and fully understand your needs before talking about any kind of product lineup. If you have security questions, contact us and let’s make a plan that works for you.