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Worldwide, cyber attacks are growing in volume and complexity

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Haven™ provides an adaptive, preventative security platform delivered as a service.


One package for a complete cybersecurity program.


Multi-layer protection including always-on live monitoring.


No hiring, training staff, or purchasing expensive hardware.


Haven is routinely upgraded so you always have leading-edge protection.

Small businesses deserve big secure solutions

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Endpoint Security

Secure your workstations and servers. Artificial intelligence technology provides 99%+ malware prevention.

Email Security

Your e-mail is protected against spam, malware, and phishing, which can lead to ransomware attacks. E-mail encryption to prevent disclosure.

Network Security

An advanced next generation firewall and automated malware analysis system (sandbox) is used to identify and prevent attacks on your network.

Employee Awareness Training

Employees receive phishing awareness training to reduce human error (unsafe clicking of URLs and sharing credentials) and improve safety on the internet.

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