The Solution to protect your company from third-party risk

RiskRecon helps you to effectively reduce your cyber risk exposure resulting from third-party business relationships

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The infinite explosion of digital third-party relationships contributes to escalated cyber risk

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RiskRecon is the only system in the world that automatically risk-prioritizes issues based on asset value and issue severity, providing true vendor risk performance visibility that you can configure to match your risk policy.


RiskRecon assessments are continuous, providing you current visibility into each of your vendor’s risk performance.


RiskRecon’s asset attribution is independently certified to 99.1% accuracy.


RiskRecon has the leading workflow capabilities that enable you to easily understand and mitigate third party risk


Every RiskRecon assessment is custom fitted to match your risk appetite, enabling you to focus on the issues that matter to you. 

How RiskRecon helps you to understand and act on your third-party cyber risk

RiskRecon proactively monitors the cyber environment of any entity with an online presence to identify cyber risks and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Complete third-party security reports

RiskRecon automatically collects security information about vendors, partners and your own enterprise. It helps you understand how well each organization manages their digital footprint.

Risk-prioritized ratings

RiskRecon provides risk-prioritized ratings based on issue severity and the system value at risk. So you can address the most important ones first.

Full Data Access and Transparency

The assessment details are all visible to you and your vendors at no additional fee. Action requires accuracy and transparency. RiskRecon provides you both.

Automated Action Plans Based on Your Risk Policy

RiskRecon automatically produces action plans to highlight only the issues that exceed your company’s risk policy.

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