SCADA Industrial Control Systems Protection with Darktrace

Protect your industrial network with cyber AI provided by Darktrace and in partnership with CyVent.

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Darktrace SCADA Security Puts You Ahead of Top Threats


Passively learns “self” in real time


Detects all forms of threats & vulnerabilities


Provides a unified view of OT, IT & IIoT


Allows for strategic deployment with CyVent

Product Capabilities


Provides 100% visibility and real-time threat detection for industrial networks


Monitors network traffic across OT and IT for every user, device, and controller in the system


Learns normal behavior to use as a benchmark to detect new threats as they emerge


Offers easy deployment and does not disrupt the normal functioning of critical ICS

The Value of AI-Powered SCADA Security

Once air-gapped ICS networks are up against a whole new range of threats. Darktrace leverages artificial intelligence to provide the future of SCADA security.

Real-time threat detection for industrial networks

Darktrace Industrial passively monitors network traffic and automatically models the “pattern of life” for every user, device, and controller in the system. As it learns “normal” behaviors, it can then identify potential threats at a very early stage, before they escalate into a crisis or cause material harm.

Stay ahead of evolving threats

With full visibility across both industrial and enterprise networks, security professionals gain oversight of all their systems and protection from cyber-threats as they emerge.

Implementing Darktrace with CyVent

Integrating a new tool into your tech stack takes strategic planning. CyVent partners with organizations to achieve a smooth implementation process that helps you realize your business goals.

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