Malware Prevention Software from Minerva

Get the most out of Minerva’s anti-evasion platform with CyVent at your side. Minerva prevents the stealthiest malware attacks.

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Detect Evasive Malware with Minerva and CyVent


Widest detection of evasive malware


No false positives


Easy deployment


Partnership with a CyVent adviser

Product Capabilities


Prevents unknown threats designed to evade existing defenses, including situation-aware attacks, fileless attacks, and ransomware attacks


Provides threat intelligence following an attack and updates other security tools with the new attack pattern to more quickly block future threats


Gives administrators complete control and visibility with a single console to manage and oversee threats prevented by Minerva together with event details


Offers easy deployment and requires no ongoing maintenance or heavy client running in the background

How it Works

Evasive malware techniques feature thousands of nuances that allow them to evade your existing defenses. Minerva’s anti-evasion platform provides a powerful malware prevention solution for blocking unknown threats.

Make every endpoint look hostile to malware

Traditional defenses scan AntiVirus files to evaluate threats, but Minerva Labs uses advanced malware prevention software to outsmart malware by tricking it into attacking itself. Minerva deceives malware, prior to installation, to believe it is in a hostile environment and abort the attack.

Reduce false alerts and review times

With Minerva in place, there are no false-positive alerts. Once a notification appears, you know that a real threat was neutralized and prevented before any damage was done.

Implementing Minerva with CyVent

Integrating a new tool into your tech stack takes strategic planning. CyVent partners with organizations to achieve a smooth implementation process that helps you realize your business goals.

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