Instant Detection and Response to Hardware Attacks

Get ultimate visibility for every device with Sepio's Rogue Device Mitigation, a CyVent partner.

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"The network visibility created by Sepio's solution is a critical component of any effective rogue device management solution."

Defense Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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Discover Rogue Devices and Ghost Devices

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Hardware Fingerprinting and Behavior Analytics

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Mitigate Any Hardware Breach or Attack

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Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence and Early Warning

Product Benefits


Agentless Network Security


Risk Insights


Graphical Dashboards


Security Status Summary


Policy Management


Lightweight Agent for Device Management


Report Engine


Standalone or VM Installation


SIEM and NAC Integrations


Open APIs

How Sepio's Rogue Device Mitigation Works

Leveraging a combination of physical fingerprinting technology together with device behavior analytics, Sepio offers instant detection and response to any threat or breach that is coming from a manipulated or infected element.



Physical Layer Fingerprinting

Calculates a physical layer fingerprint (including electrical characteristics) of all devices that are connected to the endpoint and compares them against a known set of malicious devices.

Machine Learning

Scans and clusters similar devices to their physical layer.  Looks for deviations of rogue or modified devices outside clustered devices.

Device Management

Identifies, detects, and manages all attached peripherals.

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