Prevention is Back: Stop Known & Unknown Threats in Zero-Time

CISOs and IT teams spend far too much time on remediation, reviewing false positives and searching for tools that can stop the latest threats.  Deep Instinct is bringing prevention back into the conversation, with proven results. 

SE Labs pitted Deep Instinct's software against a range of high-profile, known malware campaigns and a selection of unknown targeted attacks, including:

  • Malware from well-publicized breaches
  • Fileless targeted attacks
  • Exploits targeted at Microsoft file format vulnerabilities
  • Targeted shellcode injection attacks

Each threat was successfully prevented pre-execution with no other processes running — resulting in an industry-first 100% prevention rate and zero false-positives.

Learn more in the Threat Prevention Evaluation Report from SE Labs. Fill out the form to get your copy. 

Download the Threat Prevention Evaluation of Deep Instinct by SE Labs