Detect Threats Already Inside: Machine Learning in Cyber Security

Our approach to cyber security needs a refresh. Despite all the attention lavished on keeping bad actors out, headlines show us every day that the perimeter is a sieve.  


To better secure a network, we need to add another toolset that can catch stealthy attackers who avoided the endpoint defenses.

Malware can lay dormant for months, external hackers hide in plain sight, and the risk of an internal attack can’t be underestimated. Using machine learning for cyber security gives businesses the ability to detect if their organization has been infiltrated in ways traditional tools can’t.

Darktrace, a CyVent certified partner, protects companies from silent, stealthy attacks through a combination of unsupervised machine learning and Bayesian mathematics.

Like the human immune system attacks foreign bodies that present a threat to wellbeing, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System does the same for organizations. By learning what is normal for an organization and its people, Darktrace is then able to spot anomalies within the environment, detecting previously unknown and in-progress attacks.

Businesses need tools to intelligently monitor their networks and automatically respond to the most serious cyber threats, especially ones that have already made it past the perimeter. Unsupervised machine learning in cybersecurity equips businesses to fight back. Download the white paper from Darktrace to learn more.

Have questions about Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology? We’re available with expert advice to help you evaluate if their solution is the best fit for you. Reach out to one of our advisers.

Download “Machine Learning in the Age of Cyber AI” from Darktrace