Security Solutions for MSSPs in Multi-Tenant Environments

Advanced cyber attacks continue to be more prevalent with increased sophistication and are indiscriminately targeting industry sectors and organizations of all sizes.

It is especially becoming more difficult for small to mid-size organizations with limited resources to manage, monitor, and respond to advance security threats by themselves.

Because of this, organizations are becoming more reliant on Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), who have proven technology that protects from zero-day ransomware, malware, and APT threats.

In this white paper, "Multi-Tenancy Security Solution for MSSPs" from Deep Instinct, you will learn about:

  • Why there is an increased need for MSSPs to provide advanced endpoint security services
  • What is required from an advanced EPP/EDR product to be managed by MSSPs
  • What can be further provided by security vendors for multi-tenant management

If you have questions about MSPPs can provide your organization with advanced security services, we’re available with expert advice.  Reach out to one of our advisors.

Download "Multi-Tenancy Security Solution for MSSPs" from Deep Instinct