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Benefits of Working with CyVent


Accelerate threat detection


Pre-empt emerging threats


Access high-quality solutions at lower entry costs


Get trusted insight & advice

Detect and Block Threats with the Power of AI

Threat Prevention by Deep Instinct

70% of successful breaches originate from the endpoint. Deep Instinct’s endpoint protection solution has been proven to provide near 100% prevention with zero-percent false alerts.

Autonomous Response by Darktrace

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System leverages advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to provide industry-leading inside-the-perimeter detection.

Instant Detection and Response to Hardware Attacks by Sepio

Leverage physical fingerprinting technology and machine learning to get ultimate visibility for every device and protect rogue devices.


Automate Security Operations

Cybersecurity Built for Healthcare by Cynerio

Cynerio considers the medical context of each device, pinpoints vulnerabilities, and translates device risk according to clinical impact.

SCADA Industrial Control Systems and IoT Protection by Darktrace

Once air-gapped ICS networks are up against a whole new range of threats. Darktrace leverages artificial intelligence to provide the future of SCADA security.

Security Operations Center Automation by Demisto

Security teams are facing more alerts and advanced threats, but resources for handling them are scarce. Security orchestration, automation and response helps relieve the pressure.

Access Cyber Threats

Security Posture Assessments & Insights by 24by7 Security

Companies defend a larger attack surface than ever before.  With threats coming from all sides, cybersecurity assessments help to future proof your business against risk.

Penetration Testing by 24by7 Security

Regular penetration testing is the best way to assess the security of your company's network and identify vulnerabilities as well as strengths. 

Detect Evasive Malware with Minerva and Cyvent

Companies prevent malware attacks using an advanced anti-evasion platform to trick the malware into attacking itself making every endpoint look hostile and reducing false alerts.

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