AI-Based Cloud Security Operations Center

Xenex integrates multiple security tools into one platform and is managed 24/7 by a team of advanced security experts.

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Reduces your costs, risk, resource usage, time-to-market, and administration expenses

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Managed SOC

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Detect and Respond

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Product Capabilities


Many of XenexSOC's rich features were developed by an in-house development team and do not require any additional licensing fees.


A XenexX designated Security Analyst will be assigned to your account to personally communicate any active security event.


XenexSOC integrates with every Security tool in the market to protect your current cybersecurity investments.


Supports a variety of different data sources that all feed into the correlation engine allowing XenexSOC to provide risk values for processing. 


While the real production environment remains untouched Xenex diverts the hackers to a controlled environment.


XenexSOC allows MSPs to monitor multiple customers at once with granular access control.

How Xenex Manages Your Data Security

What makes XenexSOC unique is the integration of AI into the platform which allows integration with your existing security tools.  This is combined with real-time threat detection, and advanced investigation capabilities in a single, unified system, and is managed by designated Security Analysts.

Real-Time Risk Meter

XenexSOC provides an Executive Real-time Enterprise-wide Cyber Security Risk Meter. The Risk Meter results are based on multiple dimensions of security selected for monitoring. It provides an executive Quick View of the status of the enterprise cyber-security with the ability to drill down and identify critical risk factors and take immediate action

Real-Time Incident Response

Enterprise-class incident reporting including incident investigation, live Support by a designated Security Analyst, extensive knowledge base, reporting of each incident with step-by-step directions on how to address each incident, customized escalation process, 24/7 access to XeneX SOC Security Analysts, no automated email distribution, and a full investigation with direct communication to you or your customers based on you preferred escalation model.

Vulnerability Scanning

Provides detection of possible system or network vulnerabilities. This can be internal to monitoring internal assets or external as part of a Pen Test solution. We scan and analyze hosts and networks to detect any vulnerabilities to help in securing the environment.

Cloud Monitoring and Remediation Services  

XenexSOC covers your cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure), private cloud, hybrid-cloud, as well as your assets on-premise, and remediation services consist of a combination of pre-incident services provided by our Security Analysts, as well as post-incident remediation often provided by you.

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