Zero-Time Threat Prevention with Deep Instinct

Get the most out of Deep Instinct’s prevention-first approach to detecting threats targeting connected devices with CyVent’s expert advisory.

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Get Ahead of Threats with CyVent and Deep Instinct

Zero-time pre-execution threat prevention

Zero-time pre-execution threat prevention

Detect known and unknown threats

Detect known and unknown threats

Access to predictive deep learning technology

Access to predictive deep learning technology

Strategic deployment with CyVent

Strategic deployment with CyVent

Product Capabilities

Multiple layers of protection

Multiple layers of protection, including prediction and prevention followed by detection and response

On device, zero-time protection

On device, zero-time protection online and offline - no internet or network connectivity required

File-based and fileless threat detection

File-based and fileless threat detection, including zero-days, APTs, macros, scripts, and code injections

Quick and seamless solution

Quick and seamless solution with no impact on user experience

The Value of Endpoint Prevention

Most endpoint solutions focus on detection and intervene after a breach has occurred. But once threats are inside, it’s often too late. Deep Instinct's endpoint prevention solution stops threats within milliseconds, before damage can be done.

Prevention has made a comeback

As cyber threats became more sophisticated, organizations turned to detection and response to keep their endpoints secure. But the advent of deep learning is a real game-changer, making it possible to move the needle back to pre-empt attacks before they execute rather than trying to hunt, identify, analyze, recover and remediate.

Why deep learning?

Deep learning draws inspiration from the human brain to interpret new data without human input. By applying deep learning to cybersecurity, organizations can not only detect, but also prevent and block, known and unknown threats.

Implementing Deep Instinct with CyVent

Integrating a new tool into your tech stack takes evaluation and planning. CyVent partners with organizations to achieve a smooth implementation process that helps you realize your business goals.

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