A Cybersecurity Platform Built for Healthcare

We keep hospitals cyber-secure so you can focus on what matters most: protecting your patients.

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Cynerio Protects the Assets that Support Lives

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A 360-degree view beyond devices

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Impact focused services

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Actionable Security

Product Capabilities


Automates continuous device discovery and profiling


Contextualizes communications according to criticality and medical impact


Detect breaches, anomalies, and vulnerabilities and analyze risk


Provide risk impact scores, meaningful alerts, schedule reports, and track ePHI


Mitigates risk and delivers customized and enforceable segmentation policies


Integrates seamlessly and enriches best-in-class security tools with healthcare context

How Cynerio Secures Your Medical Data

Cynerio considers the medical context of each device, pinpoints vulnerabilities, and translates device risk according to clinical impact.


Provides comprehensive inventory and visualization to the entire network by identifying and classifying all devices throughout the system, and applies micro-segmentation based on device significance and network behavior.  

Risk Mitigation

Through continuous vulnerability and impact assessments provides risk mapping that is actionable and prioritizes risks and solutions based on device criticality and potential impact on safety, availability, and confidentiality. 


Considers the medical context and impact during real-time device monitoring and anomaly detection processes.  Alerts staff regarding high-risk activities that could impact the hospital's bottom line. 


Reduced cyber-attack surface implemented by micro-segmentation, automatic policy configuration. real-time event monitoring, firewall/NAC configuration, and more. 

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