Plan. Protect. Pre-empt.

Cybersecurity threats are evolving every day. Attacks are permanent and breaches are expensive. A comprehensive, frequently-tested, consistently updated security posture is key.

Traditional anti-viruses, detection and response tools are no longer enough.

Businesses need real-time cybersecurity solutions that allow them to pre-empt and respond instantly to any breach.

Traditional anti-viruses, detection and response tools are no longer enough. Businesses need real-time solutions that allow them to pre-empt or at least respond instantly to any breach.

The median number of days that attackers are on a victim’s systems before being discovered is still over 100 and the risk of damage increases with every day. Every minute matters when resolving a breach. Pre-emption has become the new currency.

CyVent offers some of the most advanced, machine-intelligence driven defenses to security issues, by leveraging the power of Deep Instinct,Cisco, Carbon Black,  Cyberbit, DarktraceDemisto, IBM QRadar, BigFix, Guardium, MobileFirst, Minerva Labs and other brands with cutting-edge R&D and innovative products.


  • Deploy full spectrum solutions
  • Don’t let cyber security concerns hold back your growth
  • Reduce risk, facilitate compliance

Cyber Security Solutions.

CyVent offers a uniquely effective suite of cybersecurity tools that cover the entire attack surface, along with pinpointed solutions to fill the gaps that may be found in existing systems. We offer products from blue-chip brands that improve in-house security postures, as well as SaaS solutions that outsource security to top-tier managed services.


  • Security Posture Assessments

    Speedy virtual assessment that evaluates current security posture

  • Security Insights

    On-site assessments to identify weaknesses in multilayered security environments

  • Penetration Testing


  • Pre-Execution Pre-Emption

    Advanced detection and pre-emption based on deep learning. Blocks, analyzes, classifies and remediates within seconds. Dramatically improves ROI thanks to uncanny accuracy and reduced false positives.

  • Inside-the-Perimeter Detection

    Uses machine learning and mathematics to detect and destroy malware that might have evaded the perimeter defenses. Autonomous response in real time. Has identified over 60,000 previously unknown cybersecurity threats.

  • Malware Prevention

    Tricks malware to ensure that it doesn’t unpack and execute its code.


  • Security Orchestration and Automation

    Single-pane of glass, enterprise-grade, military strength software to automate the entire incident response process. Improves security operations performance, frees up security teams for higher-level activities.

  • SCADA Industrial Control Systems Protection

    SCADA protection that provides constant monitoring, smart analytics, embedded security, full visibility and forensics for critical infrastructure and manufacturing environments. Bridges IT and Operations technology to protect critical infrastructure, utilities and manufacturing environments.

Incident Response Services powered by Cisco

Post-breach assessment that identifies the most important concerns, addresses root causes and designs a strategy to remedy the issues.

Managed Security Service powered by Checkpoint, RSA and f5

Security outsourcing that simplifies and accelerates threat detection and response time. Interoperable with hundreds of cybersecurity technologies. Cost-effective access to top-of-the line cyber security solutions and 24/7 talent.

Security as a Service for the Public Sector powered by IBM

Comprehensive defense tailored to the public sector. Leverages blue-chip products like IBM’s Qradar, Big Fix, Mobile Protect and Guardium.

Cutting-Edge Cyber Training

One of the most comprehensive, immersive, simulation-based cyber range training platforms that allows enterprises, government entities and academia to challenge trainees with hyper-realistic scenarios. Simulates aggressive attacks to develop teams in confronting advanced cyber threats, testing security tools and validating architectures.


“True CyberSecurity is preparing for what’s next, not what was last.”

Neil Rerup
Yuda Saydun

Yuda Saydun


Yuda leads the deployment of cutting-edge, AI-driven cybersecurity solutions that increase prevention, decrease times-to-resolution and automate security operations. 
Throughout his career at American Express, Tech Data, ClimeCo and Xerox, Yuda launched dozens of new products and oversaw cloud, data center, storage, backup and other outsourced IT services.
As mentor, founder, director and investor in tech start-ups and early-stage companies, he has been instrumental in seed, growth-stage and follow-on rounds of funding. In addition to marketing, channel development, logistics and fulfillment, he has been in a range read more 

Gary M. Goldfarb

Gary M. Goldfarb


Gary is a visionary technologist and entrepreneur who built several global businesses, directed specialized hardware and software development projects, obtained several patents for software solutions he designed, and headed up two Nasdaq-traded companies as CEO.
As Chief Strategy Officer at the Interport Group of Companies, a leading supply chain management firm, he deployed key business initiatives, including a GPS-based IOT Tracking and… read more

Edmundo Llopis

Edmundo Llopis

Senior Advisor

Edmundo is an IT and Operations Innovator with over 20 years of experience leading high-impact teams in financial services, hospitality and government. Throughout his career, he has been focused on organizational transformation, leading change by introducing new business processes, technologies and organizational models. From successfully managing the development and operations of Information Technology for American Express to developing… read more

Frank Sancho

Frank Sancho

Senior Advisor, Cloud Security and Automation

As the Global Director for Hybrid IT, Consumption, Security and Automation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Frank oversees a multi-Billion Dollar business unit where he leads a team of channel and service executives developing value added services for Hybrid IT, Consumption, Security and Automation Solutions. 

His 20-year career at HP includes leadership roles driving strategic alliances and large-scale service businesses for Datacenter Care, Security, Business Continuity Consulting, Recovery Services and Utility Computing. 

In addition to his MBA from the University of Miami, Frank holds an Associate Business Continuity Professional certification from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and has served as executive council member for the Disaster Recovery Journal.  He is fluent in Spanish and recently completed Pin Yin 1 Chinese language.

Selcuk Uluagac, Ph.D.

Selcuk Uluagac, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Network and IoT Security

Dr. Selcuk Uluagac is the Director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Security Lab and a faculty member at the Florida International University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His prior career includes positions as Senior Research Engineer at Georgia Tech as well as at Symantec.

His in-depth expertise and insights on applied security for the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems have been the subject of a multitude of published peer-reviewed papers.

Selcuk is the recipient of numerous awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the US Air Force, the University of Padova and Georgia Tech. He is an active member of the IEEE, ACM, and ASEE. In addition to being a frequent contributor on national panels and conferences, he serves on the editorial boards of Elsevier and the IEEE.

Dr. Uluagac holds a Ph.D. in Security and Networking Technology and a M.S. degree in Information Security from the Georgia Institute and a M.S. in Networking from Carnegie Mellon. Additional information on his background can be found at

Edmundo Llopis

Edmundo Llopis

Senior Advisor, Architecture
Edmundo is a technology innovator with over 20 years of experience  driving change in IT for financial services, hospitality and government. From successfully managing the development and operations of IT for American Express to building read more
Gary M. Goldfarb

Gary M. Goldfarb

Director, Strategy
Gary is a visionary technologist and entrepreneur who built several global businesses, directed multiple hardware and software development projects, obtained several patents for software solutions he designed, and headed up two Nasdaq-traded companies as CEO.
As Chief Strategy Officer at the Interport Group of Companies, a leading supply chain management firm, he deployed key business initiatives, including a GPS-based IOT Tracking and… read more
Greg Taffet

Greg Taffet

Senior Advisor, IT Management

Greg Taffet is a seasoned IT executive with a long track record of achievement and community recognition.

As CIO of U.S. Gas and Electric, Inc. ("USG&E"), Greg oversaw the management and development of all business and information technology for the Company. In addition to day-to- day management, he led the technology transformation that matched the company's growth as it doubled in size for each of the last six years until the company was sold. 

Prior to his role at USG&E, Mr. Taffet was a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer for MxEnergy. Mr. Taffet also has extensive manufacturing experience from working at the Bodine Corporation in various capacities including Manager of Systems and Integration.  

Greg holds a Bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall College and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. 

Carlos Bolivar

Carlos Bolivar

Business Development Executive

Carlos is a seasoned Systems Engineer and cybersecurity consultant with a track record of over 20 years. 

His career includes positions of increasing responsibilities with Arthur Andersen, ISS, Sourcefire, IBM, and Cisco, where Carlos was instrumental in the design and deployment of complex cybersecurity projects and solutions for the financial sector, retail, government, education, telecommunications, and energy. 

His technology expertise spans the fields of Cloud Security, Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Management, Advanced Threat Solutions, Endpoint Protection, Network Anomaly Detection, Malware Protection, Managed Security Services, Threat Hunting, CASB, NGIPS, and NGFW.


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