Security Operations Center Automation with Demisto

Get the most out of Demisto’s security orchestration and automation solutions with CyVent’s expertise.

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Streamline Security Operations with CyVent and Demisto


Accelerate incident response


Connect disparate security tools and technologies


Easily build and act on security playbooks


Strategic deployment with support from Cyvent

Product Capabilities


Easy-to-build drag-and-drop playbooks with 100s of executable actions in the visual playbook editor.


A clear graphical interface to review and validate playbook runs in real-time with human-readable output and machine-readable context.


Codeless playbook creation with filters and transformers for implementing complex automatable tasks, from ingestion to response.


Hundreds of built-in security product integrations and a powerful SDK to build your own custom integrations.

Why Security Orchestration and Automation?

Security teams are facing more alerts and advanced threats, but resources for handling them are scarce. Security operations automation and security orchestration help relieve the pressure.

Creating a more efficient security program

Security orchestration weaves people, processes, and technology together to strengthen an organization’s security posture. Adding automation to the mix increases efficiency and improves workflows to streamline incident response.

Demonstrating ROI

Because security orchestration engines control security tools across an organization, the insight and data collected can be used to create accurate, actionable ROI studies. The information allows CISOs and Boards to quantify the value of cyber tools and guides smart budgeting.

Implementing Demisto with CyVent

Integrating a new tool into your tech stack takes strategic planning. CyVent partners with organizations to achieve a smooth implementation process that helps you realize your business goals.

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