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Security Solutions for MSSPs in Multi-Tenant Environments

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Mar 20, 2019 9:12:16 AM

Security Solutions for MSSPs in Multi-Tenant Environments

Advanced cyber attacks continue to be more prevalent with increased sophistication and are indiscriminately targeting industry sectors and organizations of all sizes.

It is especially becoming more difficult for small to mid-size organizations with limited resources to manage, monitor, and respond to advance security threats by themselves.

Because of this, organizations are becoming more reliant on Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), who have proven technology that protects from zero-day ransomware, malware, and APT threats.

In this white paper, "Multi-Tenancy Security Solution for MSSPs" from Deep Instinct, you will learn about:

  • Why there is an increased need for MSSPs to provide advanced endpoint security services
  • What is required from an advanced EPP/EDR product to be managed by MSSPs
  • What can be further provided by security vendors for multi-tenant management

If you have questions about MSPPs can provide your organization with advanced security services, we’re available with expert advice.  Reach out to one of our advisors.

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Neutralize Cyber Threats with Darktrace’s Unsupervised Machine Learning Technology

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Feb 21, 2019 1:48:39 AM

Neutralize Cyber Threats with Darktrace’s Unsupervised Machine Learning Technology

Unsupervised machine learning technology is bringing about a new age of cyber defense. Traditional defenses are known to secure against threats that are known, but can’t stop previously unseen ones. Once past perimeter defenses, these emerging threats usually remain active inside the network for extended periods of time and are near-impossible to detect. Unsupervised machine learning technology is now empowering companies to neutralize never-before-seen threats in real time.

CyVent is a Certified Partner of Darktrace, a global leader in machine learning applied to cybersecurity, whose technology can detect and autonomously respond to cyber threats that legacy systems miss. Their “‘Enterprise Immune System” technology has been deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide and leverages unsupervised learning to fight back against cyber threats as they unfold in real time.

  • Insider threats – malicious or accidental
  • Zero-day attacks – previously unseen, novel exploits
  • Latent vulnerabilities – dormant vulnerabilities that are undiscovered, often due to the lack of network visibility
  • Machine-speed attacks – ransomware and other automated attackers that propagate and/or mutate very quickly and are virtually impossible to stop and neutralize using human-dependent response mechanisms
  • Silent and stealthy attacks that lurk in networks undetected

This white paper provides insight on why legacy systems are leaving companies exposed and outlines a unique approach to security, which combines unsupervised learning and deep learning for some of the strongest defenses.

Though machine learning in cybersecurity is not uncommon, most solutions rely on a supervised approach that requires knowledge of past attacks. Darktrace’s unsupervised machine learning identifies trends in data, without human input, to stay up to date and detect even the most innovative attackers.

From ransomware to data breaches to attacks against the IoT and cloud, Darktrace spots anomalies and prevents attacks from spreading before they turn into a devastating security breach.

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Using Anti-Evasion Malware Detection Techniques to Block Stealth Attacks

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Feb 1, 2019 12:14:58 AM

Using Anti-Evasion Malware Detection Techniques to Block Stealth Attacks: SANS Product Review on Minerva Labs


In cybersecurity, the pressure is always on. Securing your network is an ongoing struggle and deploying an array of security tools often results in more alerts than you can handle. When alerts pile up, they create a bigger headache instead of fixing issues and detecting threats as intended.

Anti-evasion technology is helping organizations avoid the overlapping noise of alert upon alert. While traditional defenses scan AntiVirus files to evaluate threats, Minerva Labs uses advanced malware detection techniques to outsmart malware by tricking it into attacking itself.

SANS, a leading cooperative research and education organization for security professionals, tested Minerva’s anti-evasion software to see how it would hold up in crisis.

“Most endpoint security solutions focus on examining file attributes or behavioral patterns of how malware operates,” SANS reported. “Therefore, as the malware becomes more evasive, the effectiveness of the techniques deteriorates rapidly. In contrast, with Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform, the more evasive the malware we tested, the more effective the solution was at preventing the threat from affecting the system.”

In their review, SANS ran multiple attack types against Minerva, including malware with the following criteria:

  • Sandbox avoidance
  • Memory injection attacks
  • Use of malicious documents
  • File destruction

Find out more about how the Minerva malware detection platform performed when it went head-to-head with each of these malicious attacks.

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